Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Kokil App: Kokil is an app with various Bangladeshi audio contents eg news, music, drama, talkshow, jokes & islamic contents for Bangladesh customers to listen on their Android devices..
  • Kokil+ App: Kokil+ is a complete entertainment app for Non Resident Bangladeshi. It has all content you need.
  • Kokil Web: Kokil Web is a limited web application, where you can enjoy free content from Kokil & Kokil+ app.
  • Is The Zero Data Charges Only For Selected Customers?

    Yes, Selected customers can enjoy the app fully at zero data charges.

    Do I Need To Pay To Access Kokil Apps?

    Yes, if you want to enjoy full access/special (paid) contents on Kokil Apps, you can purchase it at RM1 for 1 Month access with non recurring charges. Means when you want to listen to full access/special (paid) contents, then you purchase the RM1/ 1 Month package again. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the unlimited free access.

    What If I Do Not Want To Purchase Any Of The Packages, Will I Still Be Able To Use Kokil App?

    Yes, you can. But you’re entitled to enjoy the the free access only.

    What Is The Difference Between Free Access & Special (Paid) Contents?

    In FREE access you can stream our selected free content only. You will not able to access our special contents. Our special content are exclusive music album, drama, cinema and so on.

    If I’m Not A Selected Customers, And I Download Kokil App From Google Playstore, Can I Still Use It?

    Yes, you can but you’re entitled to enjoy the unlimited free access only.

    Can I Use The App When I’m On WiFi?

    Yes you can.

    If I Don’t Purchase The Packages, How Long Can I Enjoy Kokil App For?

    If you don’t buy any packages, either if you’re a Selected customer and non Selected, you’re entitled to enjoy the free access for unlimited time. But you need to register via Connect ID in order for the us to keep your MSISDN in the database. But when you decide to purchase after that, only Selected customers will be granted the full access/special (paid) contents to Kokil.

    How Do I Purchase The Packages?

    Once you choose which package you want, you have to sign in via Connect ID as below: 1. Go to the Special Content Page or Account Page, and click on “Buy Now” button. 2. The system will ask you to login and pay. Please use your Telenor ID and Password. 3. If you are new user, kindly signup with your Selected number.

    Can I Share The Same Account Access ?

    Only ONE log in is permitted at any one time. You can log in to the same account on various handsets with Kokil App installed on it.

    How Can I Login Into My Account If My Account is Locked?

    For security reasons, please contact our customer service or +60162288950 for assistance.